Poppelganger 2: A bit of a dick move.

Spraying bleach on your ex’s clothes before giving them back, telling everyone about her weird sexual habits, and posting blogs about her N*Sync action figure collection are all what most of us would call “dick moves” in a breakup. However, pop stars have access to a level of “dick move” that most of us don’t:

Jacking the sound of her song…in a song about leaving someone. I think if you Google “really, really not subtle,” this shows up.

Chris Brown: Deuces

Rihanna: Te Amo

Poppelganger: Sean Kingston vs. Rihanna

poppelganger: noun. One pop song that sounds so similar to another pop song that, were the two songs to meet, one song would be destroyed instantaneously. Having nothing to do with similarly-named 80s plush toys, or the related cartoon series.

Sean Kingston: Letting Go
Rihanna: Te Amo