July 31: The (annotated) Set List

As you may have figured out from the Facebook badgering, I had Baby’s First DJ Gig Saturday at Oblivion. Because Abbey asked for it (and to show you all the fun you missed, ha ha), here’s the annotated setlist.

Britney Spears: If U Seek Amy

A bit on the nose, I will admit, but come on. It gots mah name in it, phonetically sounds like “f-u-c-k me,” is danceable AND full of cheese. Thus, a no-brainer. In every sense.

Birthday Massacre: Looking Glass
Cabaret Voltaire: Sex, Money, Freaks
These two were added partly just because I like them, and partly because of the “don’t run around with a set full of stuff no one’s heard” rule. I will not play “Closer” for you, but this is me throwing a bone we can both stand. (Let the record show that Britney got a better reception than these two songs. See? You guys are all secret cheese pirates, too.)

Lady GaGa: Teeth
This one proved to have too high a degree of difficulty for at least one person. My bad, y’all. Could have been “March of the Pigs,” ya know.

Ayria: The Gun Song
Taste that? It’s me, throwing you a bone again. Also, you are so totally not surprised that I love Ayria.

M.I.A.: 10 Dollar
Not particularly goth, but certainly high on the curve ball scale, danceable AND containing the lyric “what can I get for 10 dollar? anything you want.” Be glad it wasn’t Angelique Kidjo’s “Batonga.” I totally almost did that to you.

Roisin Murphy: Ramalama (Bang Bang)
Cassie had trouble with this one, but I hold that it’s just because Cassie doesn’t speak the language. In gothdance, slower just means “more time to be overdramatic,” and I’ve had mad love for this song since Wade Robson used it for that zombie routine on So You Think You Can Dance.

Skinny Puppy: Politikil
When I started putting this set together, I’d never heard this at Salvation. In recent days, Jimmy has been playing it, and I would like to encourage this behavior as much as possible. In the Skinny Puppy portion of my heart, this one sits adjacent to “Pro-Test.” And you KNOW how I feel about “Pro-Test.”

Stendal Blast: Die Totale Disko
Ich liebe das oontz. Only not, but I like Stendal Blast.

Nine Inch Nails: Discipline
I am a pander bear. Here’s some damn Nine Inch Nails. (This one almost didn’t make it in, and apparently shouldn’t have, as it was a bit of a yawn. Let the record show I should have listened to my gut.)

The Faint: Symptom Finger
The Presets: Yippiyo-Ay

Frankly, I thought you guys would have gotten these more, but maybe I overestimated your synth tolerance. I think I felt vibes of anti-skinny-pants hate shooting at me. Or maybe that was premonition…

Ashlee Simpson: Outta My Head
OK, fine. I was testing you. I figured at least one person would be like, “for real? Ashlee effing Simpson?” but nobody did. This would be the point where one friend said to me, “you’re, like, 1 step away from going too far.”

Gang of Four: Natural’s Not in It
Fine. Bringing it back to being on-task here.

Mindless Self Indulgence: Mastermind
I am not now, nor have I ever been, too good for MSI. Even new MSI. Also, I am tired of everybody running around acting like “Faggot” is the only song they ever did.

Das Ich: Opferzeit
Yes, “Destilat” is nice. However, there’s also “Opferzeit.” Honorable mention to “Atemlos” and “Paradigma.”

Icon of Coil: You Just Died

Since requesting it at Salvation generally ends fruitlessly, I was like “by God, I’m playing it.”

Yello: Planet Dada
Do what now? I have no idea. Just felt weird.

Eisbrecher: Heilig
Eisbrecher: all the German drama of Rammstein, but with melodic choruses instead of…well, 100 songs that all sound like “Du Hast.” Don’t get me wrong, I love “Du Hast.” I just don’t need 99 other songs just like it.

Deathboy: Smile, You Fuckers
Lyric: “shut the fuck up, pucker up, cause this thing won’t suck itself.” Period.

Einstuerzende Neubauten: modimidofrasaso
Oh, look. An E/N song that you can dance to! It’s like a Yeti!

Attrition: My Friend Is Golden
I never did get over that kick drum.

Effcee: Gentle Devastation
More synth pop. Aaand, scene.