Act Like A Lady, etc etc.

Ladies, Steve Harvey has come to bum you out. Yes, THAT Steve Harvey. The comedian. He’s written a book, and he’s telling it like it is when it comes to guys. I hear that it’s even better than “He’s Just Not That Into You,” but I didn’t read that. I also didn’t read The Rules. Until the day I write my book (containing a chapter called “My House, My Expensive Cockblock”), Harvey’s book will have to suffice. Besides, he has penis street cred.

Guys, take notice. Harvey’s book made it to the New York Times bestseller list, the book was plugged at length on Oprah, and the word of mouth (and blog) behind this thing is epic. You might want to read it. Women will start holding you up to the standard Harvey sets, and it would serve you well to at least know what that standard is. It’s a quick read and will serve you better than Max Brooks’s guide on how to survive a zombie attack (though that’s a good book, too).

It isn’t that hard, and nothing in Harvey’s book should be Earth-shattering. He’s just telling the ladies how it is, no sugar-coating, no psycho-babble. He’s breaking it down in a way that is helpful, but also kind of depressing. We ladies already know the male game. We just don’t want to HEAR about it. We like to pretend it’s not there, like we’re dating the one guy who doesn’t fit into the rules. We enjoy our delusions.

Harvey isn’t out to betray every guy on Earth. Mostly, he’s trying to say to the women, “hey…quit putting up with this, quit bitching about it when it happens to you, and quit writing my radio show with the same questions over and over.”

I believe a favorite for me was the 5 things every woman should ask a man “before she gets in too deep:”

1. What are your short-term goals?
2. What are your long-term goals?
3. What are your views on relationships?
4. What do you think of me?
5. How do you feel about me?

He’s rephrasing Amy’s Rule #2: Don’t Date a Guy Who Doesn’t Know What He Wants. The idea being that, if a guy can’t decide what he wants, he can never be particularly sure whether he wants YOU and, equally importantly, whether he sees you fitting into his future. Harvey even predicts the waffling, ducking and dodging a man will do when asked #5. People of both genders, go forth and read.