Weekend: Strange & Unusual

Took a half day of vacation so as to finally go and get my driver’s license renewed, after driving on an expired one for 4 months. Since I turned old in November, I had to go to the DMV and get a new picture taken. Hence the stalling. The picture took 2 tries, but came out fairly decently, and I ran into Eric.

As part of the half-day festivities, I left work early and went to Performance to replenish the makeup stash and get some blue and some clown white to mix for a photo shoot of corpsey goodness. I didn’t forget about the Valentine in a Vacuum shoot…I’m just stalling until I’m in my new place. It occurred to me that, in my current place, there’s nowhere to take pictures because I’m on top of myself all the damn time. I can’t take a picture without there being a stack of dish towels in the background or something. Lame. Anywho, after spending 30 bucks at Performance (I also stocked up on the life blood of lacy gloves), I went up to Rivergate for Chinese foodz and reality tv with Mark. I felt crazy, so I got the “broccoli with garlic sauce” that I’d never had. I don’t think that was garlic sauce. It was more like the sauce that they put on General Tso’s Chicken, so I called it “broccoli with happy accident.”

Hooked up with my kick-ass real estate lady to look at my top 5. The verdicts:

  1. 6-foot ceilings are cute, but not when your bed is 6.5 feet tall. I may be a pocket person, but I’m a pocket person with a taste for giant, imposing Victorian furniture. Next!
  2. Cute, lots of space, basement (!), but I’m troubled by the lack of closet space. This would be a recurring trend, as most of the houses in East Nashville are old and old houses have small closets. This was my front-runner until #4.
  3. HUGE, but with a very WTF kind of flow. Or lack of flow, as it were. One day, somebody’s gonna put some money into this house and it will be completely kick-ass. However, the possible drug deal going on next door and the FOUR exterior doors (two of which were in bedrooms) say that the renovating person won’t be me.
  4. The front-runner. It’s not very cute from the outside, but some shrubs and the ability to add a big front porch later could change that. The inside has new hardwoods, new a/c, lighting fixtures that say “we enjoy ornate metal” (so do I, not surprisingly), and a tub with black & white checkered tile. I described the bathroom as “gothtastic.” There’s the usual lack of closet space, but the bedroom’s big enough to accommodate an armoire. There’s also no dishwasher, but there’s a place where one could easily be added later. Also, a 2-car garage. I hadn’t really thought about a garage, but once I did, I realized that it would be nice to have for the “you don’t know if I’m home or not” factor. Also…it would be good space for photo shoots (natural light, area for mess-making). The would-be sewing room has a door (to make it a no-puss zone), and the living room is big enough to accommodate a giant wall unit and/or huge “single dude tv.” There’s also a vaulted ceiling, which looks to me like a big black canvas. I’m thinking 3 or 4 big, tall paintings…something involving Alice in Wonderland. Oh, and the wood trim and doors are stained cherry, which will jive well with my furniture and the dark jewel tones that I plan to put on the walls. The kitchen is more of a tiny afterthought, but I don’t really cook anyway and a giant kitchen is just an invitation to funk. If you only have a little counter space, you have to keep it clean. Also, the fridge has “water in the door,” which has been a secret dream of mine since childhood. This place isn’t as big as some of the others, but bigger places sometimes just mean that you have more space to keep clean. Besides, the bigger places often had bedroom so small that I wouldn’t be able to fit an armoire in them…what would I do for clothes space?
  5. Smelled like old ladies, had vertical blinds that were white on one side and METALLIC GOLD on the other, jacked-up carpet, jacked-up fence, basement and loft area both looked like places to kill people. Brilliant as comedy, not so much as an actual place to live.

After going home and trying to take a nap (unsuccessfully because I was picturing my stuff in house #4), I headed out to see Beetlejuice. Wheee, Beetlejuice!

Got up and immediately started the ritual: got 24oz coffee at TigerMart, went in to the office to make tiny cartoon pants for 5 hours.  After that, I went home and made a scale drawing of house #4 in Illustrator, then placed virtual furniture in it, then placed fantasy furniture in it. I’ll look at the house once more to measure and make sure that the bedroom really can handle an armoire as long as 7 feet, but my drawing says yes. Someday, someway, I WILL have one of those giant fuckoff armoires with cherubs and lions and shit carved into it. The dream is real.

As a result of the working/drawing, I didn’t make it out to goth night. I was worn out and knew that I had a long week ahead of me. One should not start such a week on 4 hours’ sleep.