No Rant for You (Today)

The best laid plans.

I was a good panda last night, writing today’s blog the night before so as to not have it accidentally cut into my work day. To confess, I write possible blog topics in my day planner so I can reliably have something to say every day at 9:00. Trying to maintain an aura of discipline and professionalism, you know. It’s the first step in writing my future bestseller, “I’m Only Writing This Book to Get Free Betsey Johnson Merch.”

Anyway, you’ll have to wait on my rant on the difficulties of returning a phone call from my doctor. Now that I think about part of it, it may be better in video form anyway. Why are you having to wait? Cause I have some props to return and thanks to give.

The good folks of The Moustachette have said that they like my design work and mentioned yours truly in a blog. Also, I saw something about The Moustachette being submitted to the Nashville Film Festival. As this movie involves music people satirizing young artists, I’m guessing this thing is a shoo in for the festival opener. The slot where NaFF always likes to put “a movie made by Johnny Cash’s brother in-law’s gardener or something,” according to one film-making friend. Besides, it looks funny so far, and God knows I love when people make fun of art kids. We’re ridiculous and we know it.

If nothing else, you should take a peek at the whimsical as fuck, particularly the fake cast bios. Have I badgered you enough? I believe so.