Mother Father and Entertainment Rock My Lame Ass

I am of the belief that flyers Louisville Goth functions should include the following disclaimer:

“We have many hot deathrock boys, but they’re all gay. Don’t bother coming, unless you find yourself inexplicably drawn to the fat guy who dresses like a pirate.”

You see, there are several very scrany, very hot, and (naturally) very well-coiffed deathrock boys from Louisville. However, if you go to one of their functions with some weird intent to meet and take home one of the aforementioned hot deathrock boys, you should save yourself the gas money. The straight dudes of Louisville Goth are, sadly, much like the straight goth dudes everywhere else: dressed like pirates, wearing kilts, or under the impression that it’s OK to wear a poet shirt in public. They all need stylists. That said, let’s talk about music.

Mother Father’s opener, Entertainment, was OK. It must be very hard to bring something new to a goth genre that’s about 30 years old, and Entertainment are only halfway there. To keep my attention as a deathrock band, it’s not good enough to be OK. You have to do something to make yourself special, and Entertainment didn’t quite reach the (admittedly high) standards. Were they a decent way to spend 45 minutes? Yes. Do I feel the need to buy the CD? Not so much.

Mother Father, however, make an impression. They start that first song and, if it were a handshake, you’d say that your hand stayed shook (if I may reference Hank Hill). The drummer who seemed to be a tad random (“who let Zack Morris in the band?”) makes the reason for his presence clear. It’s hard to find a drummer, harder to hold ONTO a drummer, and triple hard to find a GOOD drummer. Thus, we can overlook a little thing like resembling Zack Morris. True, after 6 or 7 seven songs, my mind started to wander, but the fact that I stayed in a hot bar, sweating balls, to listen to the whole set when I was tired should say something. It was totally worth the five bucks.

And did I mention the deathrock eye candy?
I’m a pig.