Spiderwick Chronicles…maybe just rent it.

Last night, Katy and I went to see Spiderwick Chronicles at the Opry Mills IMAX. It wasn’t a waste of 2 hours of my life, but I can’t help but feel as though it had a certain…soullessness.

See, all of the fairies and goblins are CGI. Yeah, yeah, they look realistic and they can swing on ropes, but in a movie so rich in texture and dust-covered old stuff,  I would have liked to have seen Muppets instead of pixels. Muppets worked fine in Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, and I don’t recall hearing anyone say, “yeah, that was good, but it needed more rope-swinging.” Muppets probably would have been cheaper, and they have a realness that CGI just doesn’t have. Maybe I’m just old.

Another point of contention was some of the acting, particularly that of the girl playing the older sister. Unrealistic reactions, occasional overreactions…she messed up my suspension of disbelief a few times. Then there was this guy:

Is it Ben Kingsley? Is it Dustin Hoffman? Wrong! It’s David Strathairn, the unsettling, illegitimate spawn of the two!

Oh….and here’s this thing that arrived in my email…