I Am Your Flag

Last night, I had the sides of my hair cornrowed up into a mohawk. I know it’s a little non-committal, but my hair isn’t thick enough to survive having half of itself shorn. I need every hair I can get. As I told my mom, “it will either be kick-ass or really unattractive.” The results are in, but still sort of inconclusive. Since I’m not doing it up into a proper mohawk, it sort of hangs, looking like normal hair with a side order of WTF Train Wreck. (WTF Train Wreck is fun, though somewhat unexpected.)

For the hour that I was in hair-doing lady’s chair, she asked me various questions, using me as a sort of goth/punk ambassador. We covered the difference between a mohawk and a deathhawk, punk and deathrock, and then came the eternal question:

“So, what IS goth?”

Oh Jesus. You guys know what a third rail this is, as the definition pretty much depends on who’s answering the question. I tried to keep it simple:

“Well, it’s grown into a lot of subsets. I’m a weird mix of old-school goth, Deathrock, and Perky Goth. That is to say that I enjoy corsets, cemeteries, Poe, and horror movies, but I’m not opposed to tutus and glitter. Don’t ask me what those people in the big chain pants are thinking, because I have no idea.”

I know, it’s so much more than that, but I didn’t think it would be a good time to go into the idea of being a living memento mori. Or the love of Victorian sentimentality. Or how the old-school deathrock bands really had a wicked sense of humor. Or how the acceptance and embrace of death better equip us to fully live life. All of those things are the things that make me love us gothfolk, the things that wrap around my spine. The love of those is the disease, and the fashion and music are just the symptoms..the fabulous syptoms. It’s very tempting to say “oh, it’s all just about music and clothes,” but that’s a serious over-simplification for me. It’s an ideology that amounts to actually being very “carpe diem,” which may explain why us gloomsters were originally referred to as “positive punk.” Us?! Positive?! Yep.

As for the dudes (not that I base my hair on what guys think, but I’m a curious little monkey), the results thus far have been positive but sketchy. I was hit on when I went to visit Jen at the mall last night. Why sketchy? Because I suspect that those dudes would hit on anybody who walked by. Oh, and guys…it’s really not proper social etiquette to ask a small female if she lives alone. It’s creepy. Just a tip.