Thank You, Thank You, To You and You and You.

I’m back at work today, fielding emails, blog comments, tweets, etc. I have realized two things:

1. My friends kick ass. Thanks for being so supportive and huggy and everything. It’s very sweet, and I feel loved. For real.

2. I have gotten terribly behind in sending out individual thank yous, and I lost track of who I’ve talked to (and how many times). That last week was such a blur that I didn’t fully realize how long I’d been relatively off the grid until I got home to find dishes in the sink and wet laundry in the washer that had been there for 6 days. It doesn’t sound like a very long time, but trust me…don’t leave laundry in the washer for 6 days. (Luckily, it was just my painting drop cloth, so I didn’t let any good clothes mildew.)

Anyway, the point of this post is to try and mitigate my own complete assholiness and thank all of you collectively. I know, collective thank yous are assholey, but I’m in the middle of a clusterfuck here. Besides, I can’t type “thanks, we’re all hanging in there” any more. Please to forgive? So THANK YOU. You guys are awesome.

As for trying to dig myself out of the hole, I’ve cleaned the dishes out of the sink, done multiple loads of laundry, and cleaned the stove and bathroom. I got a couple of logos done. I’m still WAY behind, but I’m hitting it hard this week before driving back to Kentucky for the Celebration of Life thing. Sis stayed in Kentucky until yesterday afternoon, so I assume mom is still hanging in there. We’ll be shoving sangria into her before the Celebration of Life, which will probably involve plenty of public crying. Oh, how I enjoy public crying (not). At least there will be tiny cheesecakes.