Badasses Abound (January 2009 Art Crawl)

For those of you who aren’t part of the Watkins Art Mafia, there’s an art crawl that takes place in the 200 block of 5th Ave N on the first weekend of every month. There’s a few galleries on 5th Ave and a few in the Arcade. I like to go from time to time for inspiration/motivation. As I so eloquently put it to Emily:

“You gotta go and see some cool shit so you can feel shitty enough about yourself to get off your ass and make your own cool shit.”

My English teachers would be so proud. Anyway, there was an abundance of awesomeness this time around, and I thought I’d share with you guys so you can sit around and with that you had $10,000 to spend on a heavily-varnished tasty.

Jordan Eagles uses blood, varnish, and sometimes copper to make multi-layered, glossy, graphic pieces. The pictures on his site don’t even begin to do the pieces justice. You really, really should drag your butts down to The Rymer Gallery to take a look at them. They. Are. Awesome.

Jeff Hand uses faux fur and heavy doses of whimsy to make fluffy anatomy drawings, portraits, and…throw pillows shaped like anti-depressant pills! I want the furry black heart, and a Valium pillow. (Also at The Rymer Gallery)

I want to be Steven Knudson‘s art groupie. His work is like a combination of Edward Gorey, Tim Burton, and those old covers from Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. In other words, as I told Jeff’s friend Thomas “this is goth as fuck.” (Side bar: artist himself looks rather whimsical and I would like to date him so we can be pocket people together. Just sayin.)