Adventures in Cat Poo, Part 273

All of this was well and good when I just had one cat. Puss and I had settled into a reasonably agreeable system: get some decent yet cheap non-clumping cat litter and dump the entire box once a week. OK, it was horrible for the environment, but don’t tell Greenpeace. I mean, we’d had some dalliances with me trying to teach him to use the toilet, but he was too old by the time I was brave enough to try (aka “living in a place with no carpet”) and I eventually gave up after having my bathmat violated multiple times. Yes, I got rid of the bathmat. Gross.

Then Sterling joined the family. Between the old cat peeing a lot and the young cat pooping a lot, my house slowly descended into “too scared to have people over because I suspect it smells like pee in here” territory. I tried the toilet training thing again, to no avail. Sterling was oblivious to the toilet rim because ti was 6 inches about eye level Puss’s aim was so bad he just ended up peeing on the floor a lot.

Enter technology. And Googling. And reading tons of reviews. And then, the Cat Genie.

Cat Genie looks like the result of a littler box and a toilet having a kid: it’s filled with washable plastic beads and gets robotically scooped and rinsed every time the cat uses it. A scoop comes down and puts the poo down a chute, then the bowl fills with sanitizing solution, drains, and hot air dries everything to be ready for another use. The whole process takes about half an hour. The water comes from putting a splitter on either the laundry or toilet line and the waste goes down either the washing machine “out” pipe or goes into the toilet bowl. Since my litter box room is in the laundry room / half bath, I figured that this would be perfect and hooked that sucker up to the laundry line.

But would the boys USE it?

The plan: keep the old box available, but stop cleaning it. According to Cat Genie’s copious literature, eventually the standoff will end when one of the cats breaks down and tries the Genie. Prefering a clean but spooky box to a safe but gross one, the cats will switch. In theory.

After two days of noticing paw prints in the plastic beads but no waste, there was a tiny victory. I awoke to find poo in the Genie. Praise all around, and a cleaning cycle! (The Genie has an auto function that runs 10 minutes after the cat uses it, but you’re told to leave the Genie on “manual start” at first so you can monitor the cats’ progress.)

And so, readers, here we go again. Another attempt at a life that does not involve a box of poop sitting in my home. Say a prayer.

YouTube Video of a cleaning cycle:


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