Passionate (part 2)

If you didn’t see yesterday’s post, you may want to start there. If you did see yesterday’s post, let’s continue on. In addition to the predictably goth pasttime of cemetery roaming…what things do I love?

1. Music
While I don’t get much time to play music anymore, I still love it like it was invented yesterday. Goth music still feels like home, but I also like a little Beyonce.

2. Dancing
I don’t have time for classes, and I have no intention of being on a stage, but I do still get a strong need to go tear up a local gay bar from time to time. Failing that, dancing around in my house works, too.

3. Antique malls
On the surface, this just looks like shopping. It’s not. It’s an opportunity to interact with history, see weird things, and touch vintage clothes. It’s like a museum, except that you can take things home with you.

4. Thrift stores
Again, this looks like shopping. This is mainly about seeing what weird, one of a kind things you can run into. What horrible, neon-colored fringed monstrosity you can hold up for your friend to see. What bizarre knick-knacks you can point and laugh at. Oh, and if you seeing anything truly horrible or awesome…you can take it home with you.

5. Makin’ web pages
Yes, work. I wouldn’t be damning myself to a life of trying to keep up with the internet if there weren’t times that made it rewarding. For every frustrating email, there’s a code victory. For every under appreciative boss, there’s a beautifully-styled bunch of body copy. For every thankless banner ad, there’s a well thought-out solution to a clusterfuck of an idea.

6. Sewing
Again, I don’t get to do as much of this as I’d like, but Jen and I have gotten into a delightful pattern of getting on Skype and doing things together. Sunday, she cleaned out her closet and I worked my way through my sewing pile and started a pair of shiny silver bloomers. To my added glee, Mr. Puss is now old enough that I’m allowed to lay out pattern pieces without them getting shredded.

7. Collage
This started in high school as a way of covering huge, bare walls. It keeps my hands busy and usually results in some huge collage rife with bizarre juxtapositions.

8. Brains!
Sometimes, the most rewarding thing you can do is just sit around, possibly with a glass of wine, and talk to your friends. A good conversation almost always results in some good blog idea, or at least a new perspective on an old thought. Because I promised myself I’d keep this list at an even 10, I’ll mush “writing” in with this one. Shh. Nobody has to know we actually made it to 11.

9. Crossword puzzles
I’m slowly trying to get good enough to compete in that tournament that’s put on by the New York Times. I can still only finish a Sunday New york Times puzzle about 20% of the time, but that’s not too shabby for my age. When I finish a puzzle, it goes on the fridge.

10. Exercise
I know, I know. Everybody hates the person who’s like “I just love exercise, cause it makes me feel good!” but sorry. It does make me feel good, and there’s a sense of accomplishment that comes from being able to jog a quarter of a mile farther than I could the week before. Doing the 6-mile loop on the weekends is also a nice way to commune with my Lady Gaga Pandora station.

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