Endless Quiet

My mother lives
alone in a condo.

She is surrounded
by objects
tied to 40 years
of memories.

He has her surrounded.

His paintings on the walls
His handwriting on boxes
The tv cables he labeled with tape
The walls he painted
His chair
His side of the bed

She got forever
as far as he could give.
She forgot to check
the fine print.

*Length of forever may vary.
No purchase necessary.
Offer void where prohibited.

I imagine it is excruciating.

I picture her going about her day
then opening a drawer,
finding something she forgot
to hide from herself,
and falling apart.

She would never admit it
but she owns that Xanax
for a reason.

Yet still…

Had she feared this
had she resigned herself
to ten cats and solitude

I wouldn’t be here.
Sis wouldn’t be here.

There is very little victory
in ten litter boxes
and endless quiet.


One thought on “Endless Quiet

  1. Wow, this is beautiful. I know that my seven year relationship doesn’t compare to a lifetime together and children, but I have this same feeling when I look around my apartment. So many things I shared with my ex, so many things he bought me, so many we bought together… they are all indicative of a life spent together. Now, they are just mine. He’s gone (not dead, thankfully, but gone nonetheless) and all that remain are the items. Sometimes they feel like ghost reminders of what we had.

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