It’s been pointed out to me by a couple of people that I’ve been “rather quiet” for the last couple of weeks. I had noticed this, but every time I thought about writing something I couldn’t really think of much to say. I usually write when something’s gnawing on my brain and I need to think through it. That “thinking through” process usually ends with at least something coherent coming out of my fingers. So, why the quiet?

The problem is that there IS no problem.

This is a wonderful problem to have, so I’m not too worried about it. Instead, I’m going to give myself over to the idea of doing the unthinkable: being happy all up in your face. I’m going to start this terribly obnoxious process with a little plot summary.

It seems as though everybody is finally starting to get their shit back to where it was before everything exploded last summer. I am no longer being kept awake by thoughts of impending unemployment, I have all the freelance work I can handle and more work keeps trying to arrive at my door. I haven’t had to ask my mother for money since the ceiling of my office caved in.

Also, I’m about to call Humana to tell them that I’ve been sane (aka “off my drugs”) for a year and demand that they remove the rider from my policy, lest I give Blue Cross a call. If all goes well, this should lower the rate of my insanely expensive individual healthcare policy by 20%. I should also point out my glee that I’ve been off those drugs for a year and am currently doing better than I ever did while I was on them. In fact, in a few weeks, I’m going to get on a plane (!) and travel (!) to Los Angeles for work.

I’m not even all that nervous about it, as the sense of adventure is currently far outweighing the anxiety. It’s like being released from jail; I’ve just been running around doing things and feeling like it’s the first time I’ve done them. Eating a hamburger for the first time in 16 years is a lot like experiencing a hamburger for the first time. It’s like being little kid, trying things for the first time, except I actually remember the things.

My roof has yet to leak, my cat is in perfect health, my friends kick ass, I’ve met a nice boy, all of my computer components work, my car starts when I turn the key, my internet almost never kicks out and I’m consistently at my target weight.

If you’re finding all of this terribly obnoxious, don’t worry. I’ll be back to my old, bitching-about-everything self soon enough. In fact, I just thought of a story I forgot to tell you about my trip to Belle Meade traffic court…

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