A Life Before LiveJournal Part 2: 1995

This notebook was kept as part of an assignment for AP English, so it couldn’t get too juicy. That said, it was apprently stolen at the halfway point and read by the punk dude who liked to pull my metaphorical pigtails. And so, we continue with whatever stupidity happened before my stupidity went digital…

“Well, Silverchair’s songs are cool, even if they may not be all that talented.”

“I never realized how freaking stupid slamdancing is.”

“Many things seemed futile then, but love and music could save us – and did” (Quote from Anthony Kiedis)

“If you could be anything on the menu at Wendy’s, what would you be?”

“Please excuse my nihilism. It’s the pms.”

“Last night, Jeff and I were talking about who’d we’d annihilate if we could.”

“Orange juice, my love, you are orange and filled with vitamin C. Let me suck you through a blue straw while I watch Geraldo.”

“Satan lives in my closet. He eats my socks. That’s where they go.”

“I have to pee. And cough. But not necessarily in that order.”

“What if life was a Sunny Delight commercial? No one would ever drink ‘the purple stuff.'”

“Nothing sexual. We were both fully clothed.”
(This, readers, is going to be carved on my tombstone.)

“Vampire kisses on a football bus.”
(A reference to an ill-fated game of Truth or Dare in which I had to kiss my crush on the football bus coming back from an away game. The bus hit a bump and I bit him, causing him to bleed profusely.)

“I’ve been a fan of mausoleums for a while.”

“Only dead fish swim with the stream.”

“With a piece of cheese. Keys? No, cheese.”

“My arse interests.”
(A quote from London Kills Me, which had a character named Muffdiver. When I mentioned said character to my mother, she laughed and explained.)

10-12-95 (last entry)
“I guess this is the last time I’ll write about hate, love, longing and music. Ame, look back on this later and remember.”

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