Poppelganger 2: A bit of a dick move.

Spraying bleach on your ex’s clothes before giving them back, telling everyone about her weird sexual habits, and posting blogs about her N*Sync action figure collection are all what most of us would call “dick moves” in a breakup. However, pop stars have access to a level of “dick move” that most of us don’t:

Jacking the sound of her song…in a song about leaving someone. I think if you Google “really, really not subtle,” this shows up.

Chris Brown: Deuces

Rihanna: Te Amo

2 thoughts on “Poppelganger 2: A bit of a dick move.

  1. Is it just me or has Chris Brown come out of all this as the new “Easy E” after Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg lambasted him on The Chronic. Really, who the hell likes Chris Brown and why was he ever relevant?

    • You know, as much as I hatehatehate the sentiment of “Deuces” and “Transform Ya,” I love both songs. He’s a dancer, which may explain why people go to his shows and why his songs are so dancey. That said, listening to Chris Brown is like watching porn: enjoy it, but don’t think too hard or it’ll gross you out.

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