…Really IS Fear Itself.

Remember back in July, when I said that thing about the unnamed feeling of dread? The thing slowly breaking us apart, leading us into sleeplessness and frown lines? As we find ourselves looking down the barrel of October, I started to wonder how all that turned out.

What was The Horrible Thing? No one died. No one went insane. It was like we were all tumbling toward the floor only to twist, cat-like, at the last minute and land on our feet. Things that were cutting us up were simply detached and lost the power to hurt us. You can stand there and cover each other in Band-Aids, or you can grab the offender’s wrist and take away his knife.

Have our lives become perfect? Well, no. When you find someone with a perfect life, send that person to me so I can punch them in the face and yell, “life’s not so great NOW, is it?!” However, life seems to have pulled itself out of the endless death spiral for a while. I wasn’t sure how much more of that any of us could take while still having the ability to ever smile again. This isn’t to discount those of you who are still having The Drama. I see you. Even if it’s not my place or ability to help, I see you.

It’s just that the feeling of dread has lifted. The Drama Tsunami (feel free to use any of these phrases as band names) has passed and we’ve begun clean up efforts. We’re all looking around at each other, knowing that we’re going to be fine and that what didn’t kill us really did make us stronger. So, congratulations, friends. Congrats on your new jobs, your new special friends, your new houses, your new cars and the new wisdom you all gained getting to those things.

I think we all made it out of summer 2010 alive.

4 thoughts on “…Really IS Fear Itself.

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  2. It’s so strange but I know so, so many people who have had a such a messed up year. I guess there’s strange energy going around. Great introduction to the decade! (I’m not being sarcastic- what better way to start the decade than to make the first year your bitch?)

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