If I Were a Boy

It’s a Beyonce song, you know. Ciara also did a song of the same title, but Ciara didn’t deliver the admittedly identical sentiment in the same way. Ciara got the snark right, but Beyonce’s snarky attitude is wrapped around a core of deep, dark pain. You know how I love when singers do that. She’s not just pitch-perfect; she’s really delivering a multi-layered feeling to you and smacking you between the eyes with it. She’s singing as someone recently done wrong. She’s telling some guy exactly how he screwed it up, how he’s never going to get her back, and how he’s really going to regret it one day, even if he doesn’t right now.

I semi-recently found myself in the car with this song on repeat. I couldn’t put my finger on why, but I just kept starting the song over and over. Good ol’ Beyonce was cutting me down to my bone and I didn’t know why. I mean, “Single Ladies” is just so much simpler. Since then, every time I heard the song, I tried to explain the “listen to it 10 times” car ride, and I think I finally have.

Her delivery was saying what I wanted to say, better than I could say it. Something in me knew this; it just took the conscious part and the typing fingers a second to catch up to what a dark recess of my right brain already knew.

We’ve all been there, female or not. Somebody does you wrong and you want to shake them, yell at them, do whatever you possibly can to make them realize that all they had to do was x, y and z and they’d have you, all of you, on their side forever. You want to yell “I was RIGHT HERE and you didn’t care!”

She starts off the song sort of metaphorically lying in bed eating ice cream, and works herself into a froth, throwing the ice cream across the room and putting on her revenge pants. Maybe also some serious high heels. When she gets those heels on, she’s feeling much calmer and ends the song with “…but you’re just a boy.” As in, “I am a woman, but I’m more of a man than you are.” It’s the most passive-aggressively bitchy thing ever, but in Beyonce’s case…probably true.

(click here if you can’t see the embed…Facebookers)

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