Postcards from the Edge (Dragon*Con, part two)

On Friday morning, I awoke on an air mattress in my sister’s condo, peeled the 3-layer fleece sleep mask from my eyes and learned an important lesson: remove the sleep mask slowly. It’s fucking bright out there.

We headed over to the Hyatt for an early True Blood panel with Lafayette, Sam and Pam. One of the audience questions was “could you call me a hooker?” Elf never got to her ask her question of “what’s up with the track suits?” but it was a good panel nonetheless.

After that, we trekked (ouch, no pun intended) up to Jalapeno Charlie’s for some Mexican food, where a large group of fairies were having some kind of fairy summit, and some lady told me she “thinks you all are fabulous.” I should point out that I wasn’t dressed particularly interestingly, but people kept asking to take pictures of my sister and me. She was cool with the first one, but after I made some joke about “I hope he doesn’t photoshop our heads onto naked bodies,” she seemed to lose enthusiasm for pictures.

After hitting the dealer rooms and band booths (and saying hi to Attention System dude who had run around with me for a bit the day before), we headed back to the condo to get caught up on True Blood and rest our feet.

I returned to the con later for a couple of panels, one of which got missed because I’d gotten distracted dicking around with a couple of steampunk homies. We hit the con suite for fortune cookies and had the hell scared out of us by the air-filling smell of nacho cheese and a tray of something that looked like ham cold cuts wrapped around cartilage. They went off to get food, and I head down to the State of the Goth Scene panel.

I know what you’re thinking. The name of that panel kind of makes you want to stab someone. Frankly, I mainly showed up for it so I could make snarky comments about it on Twitter, but it ended up actually being pretty informative and amusing. Especially the part where some guy in the back had a question:

When he didn’t get called on quickly enough, he walked out, leaving his friend, who eventually got acknowledged.

“Oh? You’re FINALLY going to call on me now?”

You could practically hear every person in the room have the following two thoughts:

1. “Oh, God…here we go.”

The friend leaned out the door: “Torch!! They finally called on you!”

To Torch’s credit, he did eventually apologize for walking out, but not until after Steven from Ego Likeness called one or both of them assholes. They had apparently been sitting in the back amassing a list of points on which they disagreed with the panel, and were now determined to run down their list. Kids, I don’t know who you are or why anyone in North Carolina thinks you’re hot shit, but perhaps no one here knows you and doesn’t care to have a panel derailed by you. You didn’t seriously think you could fill a room with goths and not have any drama, did you? Silly rabbits.

After that, I headed back to the condo for some much-needed sleep. Yes, I missed perfectly good performances by Attention System and Ego Likeness, but my eyes were revolting against me. I would later see video of what I’d missed, thus regretting my sensible decision to sleep even more. Ever since the Lasik, when my eyes get tired, they start watering and being really sensitive to light. I also suspect that my eyes are a couple shades lighter, not that I regret the Lasik for one millisecond.

Parade, gigs from hell, LSU fans from hell and Voltaire getting banned for life.

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