Master Plan #16,352

Tuesday, I got an email in response to the application I filled out at UPS about a month ago. Would I like to work for 8 bucks an hour from 3 to 8 am? Enter dilemma, stage left.

On the one hand, my plate is pretty full at the moment. I’m still working twenty hours a week at my real job, freelancing about twenty hours a week, trying to keep up with blogs, cleaning, piano playing, the lawn, and I’m about to start school in the fall. My life at present reads like a commercial for Sugar-Free Rockstar except that, rather than partying like a rock star (as the label suggests), I am working like a 13 year old Japanese girl. Potayto, potahto.

On the one hand, I don’t want to risk dicking over my freelance clients by starting to miss deadlines because I’m tired from getting up at 2 am to load boxes onto a truck. The freelance clients pay more.

On the other hand, the freelance clients aren’t coming in a steady stream and don’t pay their bills promptly. The freelance clients won’t offer me healthcare once I work for them for a while. The freelance clients don’t offer tuition reimbursement. The freelance clients don’t pay me to work out. If my real job dissolves into the stomach acid of The Recession From Hell, I will need to have been laying a backup plan. If I go load boxes, I may be able to avoid asking mom for money, I may be able to avoid cashing out my other 401k, and I may be able to avoid selling my car. Please note that I will not be selling my piano. I can get another car, but the deal I got on that piano comes but once a lifetime.

Mom has offered to pay for school. Mom has even offered to buy me out of my mortgage, which means I’d pay her instead of Bank of America. I imagine the Bank of Mom would be a lot cooler about me missing a payment. While I’m willing to take her up on the school thing, the mortgage thing is a little beyond the pale for me right now. Life is not about asking your mom for money. I made this situation (sort of…let the record show that I did not sign up to live beyond my means; I had the bills covered when I had my whole pay check) and I’ll deal with it.

Loading boxes will mean going to bed at 6 or 7 each night to get up at 2:30. I will have no life, but this is temporary. Three years from now, I’ll be a developer making twice as much money. My house will have a new fence, my kitchen cabinets will have hardware, and I might just get a haircut that costs more than six bucks. Three years from now, I may just decide to KEEP the job at UPS just for the healthcare. When I’m not there, I’ll freelance as a developer, like, 10 hours a week and spend the rest of my time writing. My master plan, let me show you it.

The master plan is years from today.
Today, I will return that email from UPS.

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