Consumer Reports: Neutrogena Age Shield Face

Readers, I have a neurotic obsession with staying out of the sun, and it’s not about just being pale enough to see my inner organs functioning. It’s also about how I can feel the sun blazing down on me, giving me wrinkles, whenever it hits me directly. I’m not a fan. Thus, I’ve spent my adult life looking for a sunblock that I can wear on my face that doesn’t make me feel all gross, like I’ve just slathered myself with Crisco. Neutrogena has come close in the past, but even they couldn’t come up with something with an SPF higher than 15 without making me feel nasty.

Until now.

Does the discovery of a sunblock that comes in SPF 90+ warrant an entire blog post? Only if it really delivers on its promises. Neutrogena Age Shield Face does. In 31 years, it’s the only sunblock I’ve put on my face, only to forget that I was wearing sunblock. It’s really DOES soak in and feel like you’re not wearing anything, and it doesn’t even have an overbearing “remind you that you’re wearing sunblock” smell. Love, love, love.

PS: I am not getting paid to say any of this, no matter how much like an infomercial it may sound. Just sayin.

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