Caturday Catch-Up

I have just spent 1700 bucks in about 30 minutes. I am either in the champagne room of a strip club that opens in the morning, or I’m paying bills. Pick which ever makes you happiest. So, what’s to catch up on this week?

You already know about my Whole Foods dinner with Emily and Lesley, but I didn’t tell you about dinner with Katy and Alex. I’ve been having some feelings of guilt because I haven’t written my character’s part for episode 1 of our sitcom. Hopefully, my recent habit of driving to Kentucky for family crap hasn’t killed the momentum of the project. Katy and I are meeting next week to get together and write our respective parts.

As for Alex, he wants me to play some piano stuff for some of his songs. He likes to just have people come over and see what happens, but Euclid (a 188-pound digital piano, complete with speaker cabinet) doesn’t travel too well. I think the plan for now is that I’ll sit and come up with some riffs (are they even CALLED riffs if you do it on a piano?) and video tape them. Then, I’ll send this to Alex and he’ll pick through and decide which segments of my dicking around (if any) he wants to use. After we have enough stuff to make the journey worthwhile, we’ll either take my piano to his house or bring his computer to mine, both of which are kind of in the “pain in the ass” category. We’ll see what happens.

I haven’t forgotten about the (e)tv stuff. I’ve just lost a lot of time in the last couple of weeks and, much as I would enjoy spending half a day writing, recording, and editing a rant about Chili’s, there’s just not time for it this weekend. I’m totally backed up on freelance work, cleaning, working out and piano-playing. The freelance work needs to get done asap, as I already feel like a dick for taking so long on what I’ve already got on my plate. Everybody’s been totally cool about me getting nothing done cause I’ve been in Kentucky, but I hate having to push work back anyway. My problems are not their problems, and my drama shouldn’t be leaking into their lives like that.

Anywho, the bills are paid, the coffee is consumed, and the laundry’s dry, so I have to go fold laundry, work out, and get my butt to Starbucks so I can design some stuff. It’s already noon. Tick tock tick tock.


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