Donation Info / Sloganizer

Before I get to the rest of the post, I’m going to re-post the Markey Cancer Center donation info because some of you asked me to. If you make a donation in the name of Bruce Mauk (with an acknowledgement to me), they’ll send me some notification so I can thank you. Thus, they will probably ask you for my address. If you need it (and you probably do, since I moved not too long ago), just email, message, or whatever me and I’ll tell ya what it is. (If you’re not sure if you have the most recent address for me, it should end in 37207.) Anywho, here’s the link:

Continuing on with your regularly scheduled blog post, I thought I’d re-introduce you to the wonders of You may remember this. You put in a name, and the site generates slogans? I found myself playing around with this, and the results amused me enough that I had to share.

“Bigger. Better. (evil)amy.”
(not so. do not want biggerness. kthxbai.)

“(evil)amy is better than chocolate”
(DUH. NOTHING is better than chocolate, though I’ve heard good things about sex.)

“You better get inside (evil)amy.”
(Whoa! Sexual harassment! Maybe I should use this as a pickup line? Just sidle up next to a dude in a bar and whisper it? OK, that would probably be false advertising.)

“The future sounds like (evil)amy.”
(The future is going to be BITCHY!)

“(evil)amy is rolling, the others are stoned.”
(Sloganizer has clearly met my friends, and knows about my status of Eternal Designated Driver)

“(evil)amy values”
(If everyone shared my values, we’d have no dogs, children, or SUVs. Hey, maybe we’re onto something.)

“(evil)amy loves you.”
(What am I? Jesus? Get your own damn love.)

“Anyone can handle (evil)amy.”
(NO. Not literally OR figuratively. You are not allowed to grab my ass. Well, MOST of you aren’t allowed to grab my ass.)

Most accurate:
(Suggests that the customer/buyer won’t know wtf is going on, which is just about right.)

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