…and the end.

Didn’t mean to run in yesterday and leave you with a cliff-hanger, but I guess it’s only fitting. I spent 23 hours waitingwaitingwaiting, and mom spent years waiting to see what would happen.

After about 23 hours off the respirator, dad passed away yesterday afternoon. No weird jerking or weird breathing, as the doctors warned. He just exhaled and didn’t take another breath. It sounds really crappy, but we’re all glad that this happened over a span of days instead of months, and that nobody had to stand by and watch dad lose his faculties as the brain tumors continued to not respond to treatment. Mom wasn’t looking forward to the next six months and, they had both been through enough years ago.

We went to the funeral home to arrange the cremation and look at urns. Everybody in the immediate family wants to be cremated, and we’re not really a “have a viewing” kind of crew. I understand why some people need it, but I just find it creepy and expensive. Mom is thinking that she’ll take her time shopping for urns; the one she liked the most was 700 bucks, but not really worth it. Yeah, it’s high-gloss, but it’s still 700 bucks for a 12X12 cube of wood. Dude. Please.

We’re not having services at a funeral home, because those places are also on the “kind of creepy” list. Besides, I don’t think the funeral home would let us play James Brown, serve booze and display his paintings. Thus, here are the details:

Saturday, February 21st
2-4pm (come and go as you please, it’s more of an open house)
Fasig-Tipton Sales Pavillion (upstairs in the bar)
2400 Newtown Pk
Lexington, KY 40511

Do I expect you to come? No, but I thought you might like the info just in case. If you want to do something but can’t come, please don’t send flowers. Instead, mom asks that you make a donation in the name of Bruce Mauk to The Markey Cancer Center Foundation. They took good care of him, and let us camp out on their couches.

One thought on “…and the end.

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, but I understand what you mean on the timing. A memorial reception/open house/wake kind of thing is often more appropriate than a fake funeral service. Tell good stories and and ask people for their best stories of him too, sometimes you learn a lot.

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