More Sucking…

I have finally broken down and brought my computer to the hospital, as I feel like I’ve been living on Planet Respirator for 4 days. Not that Planet Respirator isn’t where I’m supposed to be at present. It’s just that you can only talk to the same three people for so long until you start to hear the same story 5 times. Besides, my throat hurts and everybody’s pretty much moved out of conversation mode and into “watch Regis & Kelly” mode, and I can’t sign up for that and maintain and reasonably pleasant disposition. I just need some quiet time in a side room for a little while.

To catch you up, we took dad off the ventilator at about 1:30 yesterday. Doctors have assured us that he’s not feeling anything, and whenever he makes a face or his heart rate shoots up, we call the nurse and they shoot in some more morphine. He’s breathing on his own, but he’s been slowly developing more and more of a rattley sound. It’s a bit like a fish tank or coffee maker and is kind of soothing until you remember that the sound is him trying to breathe.

Everybody’s holding up pretty well, following the idea that this is not an opportune time to lose one’s proverbial shit. Get through this, do what you have to do, THEN lose your shit. This would explain why I’m typing right now. It’s what I do. Like it or not, I’m comfortable here and being here helps me get my sleep-deprived brain in order. Oh, and coffee. Coffee also helps.

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