Hottest Guitar Tech Ever: Adam Stockdale

**I’ve been sitting on this post for a while, just cause it’s stupid and fluffy and doesn’t have much redeeming “social commentary” value. Buuuut…I’m feeling very stupid and fluffy today. Bring it!

A while ago, I saw The Kooks play at 3rd & Lindsley. The place was packed, so by the time I got there, I had the choice of squeezing myself into the back behind a bunch of tall people, being in the walkway of the wait staff, or hiding in the little empty spot stage right. I chose the empty spot, and stood next to Security Guy.

“Is it cool if I stand here? I promise not to run on stage or anything.”

I don’t know why they feel like they have to put a security guy over there. Who the hell is gonna to rush the stage at 3rd and Lindsley? Would anyone really run up on stage to grab on some dude from The Kooks? Has anyone ever tried to stage dive? This strikes me as hideously uncool, but you know it’s happened at least once or they wouldn’t always station a big burly guy over there.

Anyway, standing next to security guy put me directly behind The Kooks’ guitar tech. As in, “I could reach out and touch your hair and not have to move my feet forward” behind. I enjoyed the show, but spent an embarrassing amount of time watching the guitar tech: curly white man fro, pixie nose, sideburns, British accent…if he’d have been shorter and had thicker wrists, I might have had to try to hit on him after the show. OK, probably not. We do not talk to boys. We do not talk to boys. We do not talk to boys.

Anyway, after some totally creepy googling to try to find a picture for you guys, I found VIDEO. Behold!

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