I Take Blender’s “Does _______ Rock?” Quiz

As I was falling asleep at 11 (on a FRIDAY) last night, I had a flash in my mind of the “does ________ rock?” quiz that Blender does every month. Just for funzies, I’m going to fill out the quiz that was given to Blake Lewis (who?) in the March 2008 issue.

1. Ever trash a hotel room?
1. If by “trash,” you mean “have panic attack and throw up,” then yes. But I made it to the bathroom, so nothing really got “trashed,” per se.

2. Worst rumor about you?
2. Satan worship and witchcraft, courtesy of my former co-workers at Vanderbilt, who had no sense of humor about the prefix on my name.

3. Largest number of people you’ve woken up next to?
3. Seven! (At a slumber party in 6th grade.)

4. Biggest celebrity whose home you’ve gotten drunk in?
4. Alas, I’ve only been tipsy, and that was at Jrob’s house. Does being famous in Murfreesboro count?

5. Worst tour horror story?
5. Being sick as a dog for Kentucky Honor Choir, but it was an honor to get chosen so I still went. And proceeded to lose my voice. (Note: I got to go because I had “heart,” NOT for my singing. No shit, yo.)

6. Ever been declared legally dead?
6. No, but when I had my wisdom teeth cut out, the fingertip monitor kept slipping off of my tiny old lady hands and the nurse kept running in, thinking I was dead.

7. Ever wreck a car?
7. Sweet! I get some points! I did 9 grand of damage to a cop’s Crown Victoria by pulling out in front of him.

8. Ever harbor a fugitive of the law?
8. Well, Chris stayed with me once and he might have bad credit. But one of the dudes in his band allegedly can’t leave the country. Do I get points for that?

9. Ever gotten lucky on an airplane?
9. You’re not from around here, are you? Read this. Or talk to any guy I’ve ever dated. I KNOW…when I started the “no sex before love” road trip, I didn’t think it was going to be this long a drive.

10. Stupidest thing you’ve ever eaten?
10. Extra value meal #3 from McDonalds. I threw up 22 times the next day and almost passed out in the shower. I’ve boycotted McDonald’s since (15 years), gone vegetarian, and become really paranoid about buffets.

11. What drug won’t you ever do again?
11. Again, you’re not from around here. While I thoroughly enjoy the drugs that are prescribed to me, I figure that my brain is enough of an adventure without other drugs…but if they take away my Paxil, I am so totally not above smoking pot.

No sex, no drugs, no meat? Celine Dion rocks harder than (evil)amy.


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