Robot Roll Call

Today is Monday, I’m on another mind-numbing Monday conference call. I’m in the middle of a project for work that is taking FOREVER and is boring as five hells. I’m not feeling particularly inspired, I haven’t hit my second wind, and did I mention that I’m on a conference call? Gag. Hopefully, I’ll drink a Sugar-Free Rockstar drink this afternoon and have a moment of “let’s do this!” and get a bunch of stuff done tonight. As is, I need to pee and can’t because I’m on a conference call. So…

I’m posting to badger you crazy kids to log into various places, and help me find you. Ready? OK.

TWITTER: It’s the bastard child of instant messaging and blogging. Is it the decline of Western Civilization, or a fun tool for keeping up with friends? I’m slowly becoming very pro-twitter. I’m at Add me, and I shall add you, and you will amuse me with pithy entries.

LIVEJOURNAL: It’s reality tv without all the commercials and Flavor Flav! I’m Who you is?

MYSPACE: Do you have a tendency to post blogs there regularly? Let me know, so I can subscribe to you! I’m

WORDPRESS: Or perhaps you keep a blog on WordPress? Holla.

FACEBOOK: I’m Amy Mauk, cause some of you probably don’t know my last name. Word.

ELSEWHERE: Or maybe you blog or do a bunch of stuff somewhere else? Where you is? DeviantArt? Quechup? Blogspot?


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