Biting My Butt, Part 693

In looking into my recent bloggy quietude (and by “looking into,” I mean “obsessively wondering if this is a sign of depression”), I realized for the 100th time that one reason why I’m not blogging as much is because I keep the same blog in 3 different places: WordPress, Livejournal, MySpace. Frankly, it is a giant pain in my ass to have to log into three different places. Hell, it’s a pain in the ass just to log into MySpace, which becomes irritatingly more like Facebook (aka “sensory overload”) every day. Wait, where was I?

Oh yeah. Crossposting. The short answer: there’s no magical 3-click way to do it automatically, and there’s damn sure no way to ensure that your words and pix don’t end up like fuckery that’s been run through a blender. If I have to go LOOK at the posts to check them anyway, I might as well just copy/paste like a caveman. So…ook, ook, baby. I’m here in my cheetah print loincloth, cavemanning it up. Shall we continue on with a weekend wrap-up?

Being unable to think of somewhere we hadn’t eaten yet, Jen and I broke down and went to Reb Lobster. I’d never eaten there, but people who love greasy, fried things seem to enjoy it. When a fat person tells you a restaurant is good, you should probably listen. I got Walt’s Favorite Fried Shrimp (Walt, I’m assuming, is a large man) and it was delicious. Jen & I ran into an acquaintance from goth night, proving yet again that all goth people in this town really DO know each other…or at least know each others’ faces. Who among us can’t recognize, say, Girl Who Wears Her Bra As A Shirt or Guy Who Always Has His Shirt Open? Or, everyone’s favorite, Guy Who Wears Fangs And Isn’t Being Ironic?  

I came to the slow, painful realization that perhaps cutting one’s antidepressants in half was not a particularly wise choice. “Why am I not being productive? Why am I watching too much tv and eating too much sugar? Could it be that I’m depressed?” So, I overcame my fear of putting my precious Paxil prescription in the mail and mail-ordered my drugs this time. Two thumbs up, as my drugs came to me having saved me 25 bucks. Why am I mentioning all this? Cause I didn’t really do anything Friday. Yeah.

Once again feeling industrious and monetarily able (finally got paid for a freelance gig), I headed to the Expo “expensive as ass, but fun for lookin'” Home Design store and dropped some 500 bucks on the sweet crystal doorknobs that I had picked out 2 months before I even bought my house. Spending that kind of money makes me nauseous, but so does the thought of accidentally trapping myself in the office. Again.

I later headed out to Dave & Buster’s for Carrie’s birthday shindig (read: playing Dance Dance Revolution in public) and had a lovely time right up until somebody shot a gun in Dave & Buster’s and the whole place had to be evacuated. Police showed up bearing the most bad-ass guns I’ve seen in real life, loaded with the most bad-ass shotgun ammo I’ve seen in real life. As it turns out, the person who did the shooting did so because he’d always wanted to do it just to see what it would be like. He shot at the ceiling. If that isn’t the most Rivergate thing I’ve witnessed in a long time, I don’t know what is. (Though going to Reb Lobster and looking at the prices BEFORE being seated, which Jen and I did, is also pretty Rivergate.) I hope he enjoyed shooting that ceilign, as I doubt that shooting a gun in public is considered a misdemeanor. Not to mention the financial fun when Dave & Buster’s inevitably sues him for all the money that walked out the door during the evacuation. I think some guy even left WITH a beer mug…which, come to think of it, is also VERY Rivergate.

Got 2 of the doorknobs installed (it was surprisingly easy), wrote a couple reviews and then headed out to 80’s goth night where some dude complimented me on the 80s-ness of my outfit….which was not really supposed to be “theme dressing.” Oh well. Not everybody appreciates a shiny silver poof skirt. More for me, bitches!

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