Breast Cancer is Bad, mmmkay?

As you all probably noticed by the psycho-abundance of pink products in the stores right now, October is breast cancer awareness month. What this means, in addition to your ability to buy a PINK Dyson at Target, is that Design-her Gals are having their second annual virtual walk for breast cancer.

Virtual Walk? Wha? Basically, you go to and build a gal (or guy) to look like you, pay a measly five bucks, and “walk” cross country while backgrounds of various cities pass behind you and a map at the bottom of the screen tracks the walk’s progress. I believe the walk is passing through Orlando today.

Anywho, we at DHG totally slaved to get all of these walk outfits done and working, so you should at least take a look at the site. Even better if you join the walk (it’s 5 freakin bucks, which you know you can totally afford). That’s less than a drink at a bar, less than a 6-piece shrimp dinner at Cap’n D’s, and less than a box of hair dye. The money goes to the Gal to Gal Foundation, which grants wishes to women with Stage IV breast cancer. It’s a good cause, and you don’t need that shrimp from Cap’n D’s anyway. Just saying.


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