Hurried Cosmetics

You ever get the feeling that you spend your entire life being late for stuff? Or, in my case, being almost late for stuff? Does it make you crazy? Me too.

To answer Maehymn’s question, I don’t know why I’ve been so silent of late. Maybe the lack of torture in my current life doesn’t leave me with much to say. Maybe I don’t leave the house much and, when I do, I pretty much do the same thing I always do. Anywho, I’ll give you some highlights.

A couple weeks ago, Mark informed me that he’s decided to get more serious with his girlfriend. And so many years of hanging out one night a week came to an end. It’s the circle of life, I guess. Chalk up another person to the list of “people I have to stop in and see at work if I want to see them.”

Also a couple weeks ago, I saw Ayria perform and they rocked my lame ass as usual. Yeah, Cruxshadows were there too. And? I left while the club was silent before Rogue made his grand entrance. I’m forced to wonder if the Cruxshadows have something in their rider about how the club must be silent for a solid minute before they take the stage. You know, so Rogue can come in from the back doing a dramatic reading of “Annabel Lee” or whatever the fuck he does now. As for me, if I’m not allowed to heckle and throw things, I have no reason to watch Rogue prance about in front of an ever-growing line of identical-looking women. It’s all very “Addicted to Love.” Seriously, have you seen the fliers? There’s like 12 people in the band now. They’re the goth Wu-Tang.

I have finally finished hanging all of the blinds, and “measure for doorknobs” is now on my to-do list. I plan to drive out to Expo and drop a good 600 bucks on door knobs as soon as I get that last check from the VFW project. I know, but they’re really SWEET doorknobs. Shut up.

My parents have booked the cruise. THE CRUISE. Sometime in spring, I will be FLYING to Ft. Lauderdale and then getting on a boat for 5 days. Stay tuned for a series of blogs titled “Evil At Sea.” Yeah, internet access is 55 cents a minute, but I’ll pay it to update the blog. Who loves ya, baby?

Someone please tell me what’s happening on Project Runway. I have no cable. Yet. I have a huge freelance project coming down the pike, but the client and I have yet to agree on a price, so the whole thing could still fall through. If it doesn’t fall through, I’ll be getting cable and Lasik some time in the next six months. Holla!

Might as well face it, you’re addicted to Rogue,


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