Weekend Wrap-Up: CoolWhip, Yellow, Djbouti.

Hung out with Mark and his new woman for Strawberry Banana French Toast at IHOP and So You Think You Can Dance back at Mark’s. While the strawberry banana french toast had MUCH whipped cream (they have switched from Redi-Whip to spray Cool Whip and, yes, I know the difference), the bananas were of a frozen, nonfresh variety. I gives it a B. The “Sparkling Cherry Lemonade” beverage gets an A+, though. It’s some kind of insanely sweet unholy alliance of what tastes like sparkling Minute Maid Lemonade and Cherry syrup. Not grenadine. SYRUP. Delicious, but perhaps “a bit much” when chased with strawberry french toast. On a related note, I finally broke down and purchased Raspberry/Blueberry Faygo, which was not exactly worth the 360 calories it cost me.

Went to see Tiffany glass and “color field” at the Frist, during which I explained to Nathan (while looking at a 10-foot, giant yellow painting) about how yellow is the anti-goth color.

“What else? I would think it would have been baby blue.”
“No…baby blue makes me think of cloudy days and Edward Scissorhands. It looks cold.”
“Really? But it’s the color of the sky!”
“Yeah, but the sky can be good and bad. It can be a sunny day or that which brings a hurricane.”

And so, Nathan’s frightening window into the goth mind was complete, and I continued to taunt him for his love for “rainbows and puppies.” Frist didn’t take very long, so we hit Christopher Pizza Kitchen (on Demonbreun) afterward. We had a hot, tattooed waiter and my Herbivore pizza was delish. Itraded a slive for Nathan’s Fancy Pants pizza, which was even better, and don’t even get me started on the Sugar Rush. It appears to be a Three Musketeers wrapped in pizza dough and baked, served with ice cream. Yeah, I know, but Nathan apparently can’t go to a restaurant without ordering dessert, and I figured that I’d be burning it off later. Scrubbing the house. Minds out of the gutter.

After foodz, I hit Panera to work on the project I’m doing for the VFW, and then went over to start the “renovation funk removal” on the new house. After 3 hours of scrubbing away errant paint streaks, manufacturers’ labels, and cob webs…I’m about half way done. I’m going to have to mop the floors two or 3 more times to get all of the renovation dust up, but I’ll settle for once more before the move. No point in doing the hard-core Cinderella Clean (on hands & knees with a scrub brush and sponge) until AFTER moving men have tromped through the house. Sadly, my arms weren’t sore the next day…I was so hoping that would have been more of a workout…

Got up and went to Panera for 4 more hours, isolating various coutries on a world map as part of the VFW project. Some were easy…others, like, Koh Tang island? Not so much. See, once upon a time, we were helping evacuate people or something from Cambodia (Khmer Rouge, blah blah), and we left a boat there. Eventually, we went back (to Koh Tang Island) to get said boat. Thus…the thing has to be part of what I’m doing. Long story.

Anyway, that took up pretty much the whole day (I refuse to set an alarm on a Sunday), so then it was time to get ready for goth night. Ordinarily, at a busy “I have a freelance project due AND I’m moving” time, I’d have skipped goth night, but it was 80s night. When the DJs throw you a Combichrist-free night, you had better show up for it. Much fun was had, and now I get to pack stuff tonight on 5 hours’ sleep. Today’s note card is already full (I keep a note card on my desk and, as I think of things I need to get done,  write them on said note card), so tonight shall be a busy night on the ladder. I need to take down the full-room curtains in the bedroom and get them washed before I move to a place which does not yet have a washer/dryer. Yeah…I guess I should add “order washer/dryer” to the note card too.

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