The Joys of YouTube

Props to jrob for pointing the awesomeness of these two “Power Thirst” ads.

In other news, I have finally closed on the house, and I’m planning on moving the weekend of the 18th. Unforseen expense:

I’m sitting there signing the big scary stack of papers and Paper Lady says “so, should we just email this to your house?” And I was like, “hey, you know…I don’t think I have a mailbox yet.” I checked last night when Jen and I went over to hang material in the windows (for that “someone lives here, please don’t break my windows” look) and, yep. No mailbox. Oh well…if that’s the only unforseen expense, I’m getting off pretty easy. (But you know it won’t be the only unforseen expense.)

In other news, when I called the parents to share the closing news, my mom was like, “don’t buy anything….make a list of what you need.” I jokingly said that they were more than welcome to buy me a washer and dryer, and she was like, “well, dad and I had discussed that.” Pardon? Sweet! Cause, you know…the less money I spend now, the closer I am to having the giant fence. The giant “you can’t see if I’m here or not/you will have a harder time breaking into my car” fence.

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