Weekend: Lounging and Letters

I hit the Goodwill for a post-work wind down and found a couple a of new tasties: a pink and black plaid schoolgirl skirt and a commemorative t-shirt from something called the “Young Hot Witches All Night Party.” Like, hello. Of course I was all over that. It looked a little small, but my boobs fit into it without causing the sleeves to put a stranglehold on my pits. After making my way to Rivergate, I hit the Walgreens for some pre-pizza beverages and…well, ok. I bought the tiny bottle of Body Fantasies Cotton Candy body spray. Sue me. It was only a dollar, and it was bright pink. I’m only human. I’m wearing it today, marinating in a cloud of sugariness that one would think would emanate from my pores naturally. I either smell like a cake (!) or like a 12 year-old girl.

Mark busted out the news that he now has a girlfriend, and I’m totally happy for him. Hell, it only took him 10 years. Anyway, he says that she has “issues” with our Friday nights, which I guess is only natural. I’ve been lucky that the dudes that I’ve dated haven’t had a problem with Fridays With Mark…anyway, I told Mark that he should invite his new girlfriend, so long as the two of them aren’t all “blarglargl,” which is the sound I made when pantomiming two people making out.

Despite setting my alarm for 8:30, I didn’t actually wake up for my meeting with Real Estate Lady until 9:43. I hurriedly threw on clothes and clean teeth and made my way to Starbucks to make up the “we’ve had the inspection, now here’s what we want you to do” list. No word on the outcome of that yet.

The responsible, adult thing to do after the meeting would have been to go in to work to get some hours in on Giant Digital Magazine. However, I needed a break really badly, so I spent the day napping, watching crappy horror movies, and lying in bed eating Corn Pops. Later, I got a few boxes packed and did some laundry just to make myself feel better.

I woke up at 9:00 and went in to the office to work on a freelance Lolita project. The goal was to get the lettering done for the title of the CD. The words and 5 hours later, the lettering was ready to send off t LA Dude for review. Yeah, that was a whole lotta lettering…but I’m pretty sure that I’m happy with it and ready to move on to the rest of the letters.

Went home and took a disco nap and then headed out to goth night at Decades. I hadn’t been around people who were smoking in over a month and, you know, I think I could do without that crap. My nose stopped functioning after about an hour. Not to mention that the dance floor Decades has a serious strobe light problem, with makes one feel (a) dizzy (b) disoriented (c) nauseous (d) on the cusp of a seizure. Strobe lights make me feel like I’m in a “I’ve been drugged at a rave” scene from an after school special. Hate them. Not to mention that I’m kind of paranoid because Paxil has been known to cause seizures in some people. Not often, but still. Paranoid. Between work drama and house drama, I haven’t been getting in as much treadmill time as I’d like, and I was kind of paying for it last night.

Anywho, time to stop typing and get my headphones in. It’s only 9:15, and the sample-size frat house at the end of the hall has already used the phrase “that’s what she said.” What’s up, 5th grade?

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