Cautiously Stoked

The results are in on the home inspection. He found a bunch of things, but they were mostly small. The two most troubling things being some separated duct work under the house (easy to fix and will probably be done when the new a/c unit is put in) and the fact that the siding on the part of the house that was an addition is masonite. MASONITE, for fuck’s sake. Anyway, the other 2/3 of the siding is aluminum, and I was planning on having all of the siding redone in the next 5 years anyway since I knew it was kind of half-assy and jacked-up. On a related note, does anybody know of any siding companies that sell light pink siding? Mwahaha.

I’ll get the full monty report tomorrow morning, but things look promising so far. Other, smaller, issues include…

  • dishwasher is hooked up to cold water, not hot
  • no trap on washer hookup to keep sewer gasses out of the house
  • some outdoor lights not working
  • a couple open junction boxes in the attic
  • a teensy bit of mold in the crawl space, but it’s less than 10 square feet. “Should be an easy fix,” says inspector guy
  • there’s no weather stripping on the doors
  • the garage barely qualifies as a garage, but we already knew that. It’s totally half-ass, but it’s a place to have photo shoots and spray paint things

So, yeah. I might have a house. Whoa.


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