Like Demigod, Like Sim.

In an effort to stop spending money on stupid crap, I canceled my RealArcade subscription a couple months ago. That’s all well and good, but it left me with no new games to play on Saturday mornings when I’m waiting for the laundry to dry and my coffee to kick in. So…I downloaded a copy of the original Sims 8 in 1 pack. This consists of Sims, Makin’ Magic, Pets, Livin’ Large, Hot Date, Vacation, Superstar and…uh…something else. The experience has been fun, and I’ve learned some things.

Having multiple expansions makes life more difficult, as sims can choose to talk about a variety of topics. As is often case with many topics, some sims are not going to be amused by some topics. This trashes the usual talktalktalktalkhugtalktalktalkhughughugkiss progression of making friends. As a result, Raven and Vlad Gothington were having a little trouble getting promotions at work. How were they supposed to practice magic, learn to cook, make gargoyles AND keep up all of those friendships? Feh!

Thus, Raven and Vlad became free agents once they realized that going into full-time butter churning (Raven) and golden thread spinning (Vlad) paid about as well as working for The Man, they just quit their jobs. Besides, they also make money breeding their cats, Mr. Puss and Miss Kitty. They don’t see their friends much anymore, but they don’t care because they get their social needs met by the cats. Oh sure, the neighborhood dogs like to stop by and pee on the kitchen floor, but so does Vlad, so I guess it’s OK.

I got to start the day off right this morning by having to go over to the bank to beg. See, I paid some bills yesterday and, in the process of paying my student loans online, I accidentally forgot a decimal point and made the payment for $23,000. PS: I don’t have $23,000. I tried to straighten this out yesterday, but the bank was already closed and the loan people just kept telling me to call the bank. Of course, the bank kept telling me to call the loan people. Neither company had an operator who could understand me. And why, WHY, do they make you key in your social security number and then ASK for that shit anyway?

So, I finally got Customer “Service” Lady on the phone to stop the payment because, if there’s one thing I don’t need while trying to buy a house, it’s a bounced check. Stop payment fee: 35 bucks. Dicks. Thus, I went to my bank branch this morning to try to get them to waive the fee. Like, yeah, technically this IS my fault. But, technically, your system should be set up to ask me for confirmation when I write an echeck for 23 THOUSAND dollars. Anywho, I wore my hair in pigtails and begged. Bank Manager Lady was like, “ok, this is your one fee waive….enjoy it,” (but she said it in a motherly way and not a bitchy way). So, that’s worked out. Yeesh.


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