Commence Hair Falling Out.

Remember three weeks ago when I REALLY wanted a certain house, but somebody came in and outbid me? No, wait. Some total dick came in and outbid me. Yes, that person is a dick. How dare he stand in the way of Princess getting what Princess wants. 😉 Well, Realtor Lady just called all excited to tell me that the contract fell through and The House is back up for sale. Remember how I said that I couldn’t pay list price AND closing costs? Well, now that I’ve changed loan agents (long story) and someone has been silly enough to approve me for 120,000 (wtf?), I can pay those closing costs. But can I REALLY do something that’s roughly 114,900? Do I really want to go there?

I had Loan Lady run the numbers. After insurance, taxes, and whatever, my payment would be 809 a month. Physically possible, startlingly enough, now that I’ve got a steady stream of freelance work. But is that stream REALLY steady? And what if I get laid off? Granted, it would kick ass if The Master Plan worked out and I got a new job making 5 grand more a year. I would be aces all day long. But am I sure enough about my portfolio to fucking SIGN THINGS?

Worst case scenario, I would have to sell the house. I’m 90% sure the house is going to appreciate, given its close proximity to Gallatin Rd. I’m also sure that I’m not above taking a job on the weekends if things get really bad. I just…well, fucking A. I need a crystal ball. Honestly, I don’t know how my parents did this multiple times. They must have 8 pairs of brass balls stashed away somewhere.

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