The Bathroom of Dr. Cheesigari

Last night, I did some (very, very) quick tests of various lighting techniques for the silent film-style video I’m making for work. I asked Tony for some advice on such things and he actually offered to help. I am totally stoked about this as Tony, having had for-real movies in film festivals and stuff, knows infinitely more about these sorts of things than I do. Hopefully, he’ll be willing to do this for free and this whole thing will become much more whole-assed.

Anyway, I set up the camera and lights, did some quick & dirty makeup, and did a few screen tests. Wait, let’s define those words…

  • set up the camera: sat camera on toilet seat lid and propped it into place with a bottle of Neutrogena face wash
  • set up lights: grabbed an old table lamp and some party bulbs
  • did makeup: spent 30 seconds applying clown blue to my greasy, post-work face
  • did screen tests: sat on bathroom floor and wanked around with a camera that I don’t know how to use

I logged everything into Final Cut today and put markers in spots that I thought looked more “silent film” than others. Here are some stills from said activity, including some amusing “surprise” pics that resulted from sitting next to an unshaded lamp containing a 100-watt bulb. If these aren’t a cry for Tony’s help, I don’t know what is.

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