Tick Tock

This morning, Real Estate Lady put in an offer on The House. I’m trying not to think about it, but that’s like trying not to think about it when you’re waiting for a boy or potential employer to call. It’s the slowest time ever. Meanwhile, you still do think about it, and every time you do you get a little more attached. Don’t get attached. Nothing is a done deal. Don’t get attached.

Meanwhile, I’m at work (where time always goes at half-speed) thinking about how the project I’m working on is a wank. How, even if I water it down, it’ll still be another case of “there she goes, bein’ crazy again.” How no answer I ever give will be the right one just because it’s coming from me. Wondering, wondering, tick tock.

Tick tock of house price
Tick tock of interest rates
Tick tock of employment
Tick tock of boys who only sometimes want to kiss me
Tick tock of the family who have gained guilt trip power over me by helping with a down payment
Tick tock of car battery
Visible hair roots
Goal weights

You can tell yourself to not get attached all you want, but the more you think about it…there you are.


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