Random-Ass Thoughts (not to be confused with random ass thoughts)

My tongue has been hurting for the last 3 days. It’s on the underside, back left…which makes me wonder if I may have a swollen gland on my hands. It’s not a tonsil, unless my tonsils are magically growing back like a starfish leg/arm. It’s unsettling, especially considering that my antibiotic stash is gone.

I listened to a show last night about dinosaurs with wings. There’s a heated debate going on in the scientific community as to whether flight evolved from the ground, with animals sprouting wings in order to make a quick escape, or whether wings came about as a means of gliding from a tree. The two camps have put together skeletons and models and even involved a wind tunnel. Heated debate continues.

Once upon a time, a teacher was working after-hours in a school. Not knowing anyone else was in the building, the janitor decided to have a little fun with the PA system, yelling “do you know where you are? you in the JUNGLE baby…and you’re gonna die!!!” The teacher thought it was a terrorist threat and called the cops. (Really. It was in this month’s Blender.)

Casey was in the bottom 3 on Make Me A Supermodel this week. No worries, as I’m pretty sure that Frankie’s gonna get sent home. Casey shall live to walk another catwalk. If not, he’ll keep posting music to his MySpace. I’d link you there, but his page is infuriatingly full of Flash and the music player is hidden. Stop that shit, already.

I recently purchased a six-pack of tiny body washes on Valentine clearance at the craft store. It was 24.6 ounces of body wash for 3 bucks. You can’t beat that. This gave birth to the most brilliant idea I’ve had this week: save the tiny bottles and use them as “travel size” things. How sad is it that THIS is my most brilliant thought for the week? I’d better do some heavy thinkin’ this weekend.

I figured out something to do with the brick of tofu I bought: I cut it up and threw it into some noodle soup. It was 300 calories and 32 grams of protein, as opposed to just being salty noodle water. Maybe THIS is my most brilliant thought?


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